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Hello! Thank you for taking an interest in my photography and wanting to learn more about me. I've always had a strong passion for photography. Photography is creating memories for me and capturing beauty I can hold onto forever. Every photo I take I can remember that moment and how I felt in that moment just from looking at the photo. That for me is very special. I want to be able to do that for others by delivering a great experience all around for memories that they are trying to create. I love that I'm able to apply photography to the things I'm passionate about and do projects revolving around the two. I was recently published in The World Is Watching's first publication, "From Our Eyes". A global platform demanding the end of police brutality and systematic racism. Being able to send a positive message towards that with my photography brings me great joy. (see magazine on the "The World Is Watching" tab & my feature on pages 12 & 14). Photography will always bring me a peace of mind and a creative way to express myself. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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